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Conversation #22: Thursday Thought

Do miracles still happen?  More specifically, do they still happen in the U.S.?  I recently had a friend that traveled to India on a mission trip.  When she spoke about her experience, she mentioned seeing people possessed by demons and everyone gathering around to pray until they left.  She also talked about how they prayed for a girls foot to be healed, and it was right before their eyes.

Normally I would write off stories like this as being fake or embellished, but this isn’t that kind of friend.  She is down-to-earth and rational, but she is a servant of the Lord.  She has faith that I wish I had all the time.  I mean, she wasn’t hitting people in the forehead and casting out demons.  They used the power of prayer, and it made stop and think.

Do we just miss miracles in our comfortable lives?  Do we try to explain everything away with Science?  I don’t know the exact answer, but here is what I think; I think that modern science and medicine IS a miracle.  One of my best friends gave birth to a baby 15 weeks early.  She was under 2 pounds and so teeny tiny.  She was in the hospital for weeks, but she had relatively few problems and is now a healthy almost 8-month old.  That is a MIRACLE!  I know God worked in her life and through the doctors.

My dad was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and the prognosis wasn’t good.  However, through seemingly random (although I sad God) channels, my parents found a new cardiologist using a new drug that saved his life.  Sure, he has to take medication forever, but he is alive and didn’t have to wait for a heart transplant.  I mean, even the medication is a miracle!

I think we have just as many miracles, but I think we have become immune to them.  I also think God uses doctors and modern medicine in our country to perform miracles and that is easy to write off.  In India, God can’t always use doctors to heal because he doesn’t have them.  I guess I think that maybe I want to start looking for the miracle everyday because I know they’re there.  I hope you will too!  Now it’s time for your thoughts…


Ashleigh said…
I agree with what you're saying. But I also think that our culture is very different from Eastern culture or even just that of other countries. You read Heavenly Man right? Its like how he said persecution was just different here - it's not physical like in China but it's that of unbelief and being confronted by atheists. Same with miracles. Different worldviews. Even with a Christian worldview, we are not as open to many of the things other cultures are. If we say that God meets us where we are at, then I think this is one of the ways He does that ya know? But like many atheists, often we attribute medicine's healing properties to the medicine and not to God... just some food for thought.

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