Conversation #18: The Good Guys

I hope everyone is watching this show, but if not, now is your chance!

the good guys

(Picture and info here.)

It airs on Fox at 9/8c every Monday night, and my husband and I find it highly entertaining.  It is actually filmed in Dallas, so I love watching it and seeing local landmarks.  I also find Bradley Whitford and Colin Hanks to be a wonderfully matched duo between old ‘70s cop and young do-gooder detective.  Okay, let’s face it, I’m no professional critic and clearly not good at writing reviews.  I just thoroughly enjoy this summer series and want to spread the news!

It is called a dramedy (at least that is how I’ve heard it described), and I would agree.  There is some action/suspense, but it is draped in satire and hyperbole (sort of think Starsky and Hutch; a parody of cop shows but slightly more serious and enjoyable).  Really, you should just watch it.  Tonight.  HURRY!  It will be on soon!!!

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