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Conversation #90: Four days late and 2 pounds short!

*This was supposed to post last week - sorry!

Well, the time came.  I had to end my WW subscription.  Okay, I could keep paying for it, but my 3 months was up and I am only 2 pounds shy of my goal!  I bought some of their tools so that I could keep on keeping on for the rest of my life, but I just felt like I didn't need the subscription anymore.  Actually, I do miss being able to look up food items easily, so I think I may ask my mom to order me their food guide book and dining out book because she has a sub right now and can do that for me.  We'll see how this week ends up, but I have been going it alone with my little guidebook I keep in my purse.

Anyway, overall I lost 16 pounds on WW and only have 2 left to reach my goal.  The only bad part of all of this that I have been going a little crazy buying smaller clothes.  I have tried to slow myself down lately, but it has been kind of fun.  I'll have to share some items with you a little later because there have been great deals out there.


Congrats on hitting so close to your goal... 16 multiplied by 3500 (which equals 1lb of fat) means that you created a deficit of 56,000 calories! That's AWESOME! And, by the way, that also means you dropped 16 softballs off your body from somewhere. Congrats, girl!

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