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Conversation #85: The Simple Things

For some reason, I suddenly feel like I have so much I want to say again in the blog world.  I’m not sure why because I have been feeling very dry for the last few months (honestly, probably the last year!)

Lately, I have been feeling like purging items out.  However, I have also been buying new stuff, but since I’m trying to stick to the “one-in/one-out” rule, it’s good that I’m moving things out.  I actually tried selling something on ebay for the first time.  I sold one out of three on my first go round so I’ll consider it a success.

I like grand gestures and big exciting adventures, but as I get *ahem* older, I realize I find so much pleasure in the small, simple things.  Actually, I have for a while.  My husband used to tell me that I got way too excited for an ice cream cone from Mc*Donalds (I’m sorry, it is fairly low cal and cheap; wait, I don’t have to apologize on my blog!)

I guess things haven’t changed much because treats still get me excited.  My favorite: a large coke icee from Bur*ger K*ing.  I could probably have a few a day, but since it comes out to 4 WeightWatcher points, I stick to one a week and plan it as a treat.  Don’t you just want to jump into this goodness?

coke icee

Let’s see, another small thing, freshly laundered and recently found dish towels.  This one may seem weird so let me do some ‘xplainin (shout out to my I Love Lucy fans!!!)  We had a nice stock of dish towels, and then slowly they started disappearing.  I had no idea where they were going.  Finally, one day I happened to notice one behind the washer.  I tried for a long time to force it out with a stick to no avail (a dowel rod to be exact).  I knew the washer had been eating them.  Well, unfortunately (or fortunately if you want to be a glass half-full type) our washer drain line clogged last week so we had to pull the washer out and I found about 5 dish towels (actually 6 but one was to gross to even bleach and reuse).  I’m so excited to increase my stash again without having to spend money because I know they were disappearing again!

dish towels

During some of my purging and cleaning I was doing earlier, I decided it was time for more organization in thee ole closet.  I love change and rearranging (I hate plans changing, but that is a different kind of change and I’m off on a tangent again!)  Anyway, we have a small closet so I have gotten super creative with my cubes and bins and such to make use out of every inch.  In our apartment, I had mine own closet that was bigger than the one in our house, and the hubby had is own normal sized one (even though our apartment was built in the ‘50s, they knew the master bedroom needed two closet.  Now why didn’t they share that with our house builders in the '50s also?)

Here is just one cube that now has smaller bins to separate the goats from the lambs (a weird saying a coworker uses – he is from Mexico, is that a Mexican saying?):

organized closet

Oh, and the last thing I have been enjoying is my new to me Nook!  I had wondered if I would like an e-reader because I hate reading backlit things too long and love reading books.  However, I am a big proponent of the Nook or Kindle or anything else with “e-ink.”  Sorry, ipad, that isn’t you.  Anywho, I get the ebay daily deals email, and one day that had certified refurbished nooks for sale from Barnes & N*oble for half the cost of a new one so I jumped on it.  It looks brand new, and I’m in love!  I actually decided on the nook because a) it was on sale but more importantly b) it works with our public library so I can check out e-books for free!  I’m not ready to start buying a whole bunch of now e-books so I love that I can check them out.  It took me a few nights to figure out how to use the stupid library system, but now I got it down.  Totally recommend!!!  (Now I don’t have to lug around multiple books for vacation)


Okay, and then this is the last thing, a random outfit of the day post.  I had stalked this dress on Lands End Canvas for weeks, and finally I got it on sale in my size (it was still a bit of a splurge for this frugal gal)!

lec striped dress

Dress: Lands End Canvas, $35

Belt: Coldwater Creek, $10

Necklace: Coldwater Creek, $?  (got with a gift card)

Watch: Anne Klein, ebay, $35

Shoes: Lands End Canvas, $13


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