Conversation #86: Summer Fun Song of the Week is back!

First things first – GO MAVERICKS!!!


Photo from: dallas.sbnation.com

Yesterday was the last day of school where I live.  I know the calendar hasn’t flipped to June 21st yet, but once school is out and we are experiencing 97+ degree days, it’s summer.

I loved picking fun songs last year during the summer that picked me up and made me happy. 

Okay, so I don’t really generally love rap lyrics (or even actually understand what is being said) but I do like the beats in rap songs and I love the sampling in this song in the chorus, particularly.  It just makes me feel like groovin'.  I also didn’t really pay attention to the video, so if it isn’t “wow,” know I just enjoy the song.

Okay, that is enough qualifiers:

Happy Friday!

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