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Conversation #89: I think I might fall asleep typing this...zzzzzzzzz

Ok, not really.  I am pooped though!  The hubby and I took a trip north to our hometown to visit some dear friends and family.  It was a whirlwind weekend.  I never sleep great on trips (it is super frustrating), but we just had late nights and lots of driving.  I was way too tired to get up and exercise today.  I decided I could give myself a break for one day.

I hate the monthly visitor, Aunt Flo (have any of you ever called it that).  I don't remember where I first heard that, but I never used it much.  Well, for some reason this week I said it to the hubby and he loves calling it that now.  What a nerd, but I love him!  Anyway, since I started Weight Watchers, the week Aunt Flo has been here has always been a struggle and I tend to lose nothing.  I'm not sure if it is water retention or just hormones, but then weighing makes me extra depressed (and I know that is the hormones).  Anyhow, I didn't lose any this week.  I thought I might.  I ate well, exercised a lot, and felt good.  I also wonder if I'm finally starting to build muscle mass so that might be making the number stay level too.  That is a big reason why I try to not get too caught up on the number, and I still feel great and can feel the toning of my muscles.

I think I just felt like a failure because my online subscription is up a week from tomorrow, and to reach my goal, I would have to lose 4 pounds this week (which isn't really recommended).  However, like I told my husband, I have only been at this for 3 months.  I'm still changing years of how I have eaten and thought about food so it might take a bit longer to really be great at this, and that's okay.  I don't plan to renew my subscription at this point, but I did buy some tools from them to use afterwards.  If I find that I need the extra support, then I will get a sub again.

Just for fun - a couple of very similar looking outfits!

Top: Tinley Road, Piperlime ($21, shipped)
Pants: Lands' End ($15, shipped)
Sandals: Lands' End Canvas ($15, shipped)
Necklace: New York & Co (a while ago)
Watch: Zodiac (gift from a friend, watchband smells like Vanilla)

Cardigan: Gap Outlet, $15
Shirt: Tinley Road, Piperlime, $15 shipped
Pants: Lands' End Canvas, $14 shipped
Shoes: American Eagle Outfitters, $15 shipped
Watch: Citizen Eco Drive, Christmas gift from Hubby

Also, you may notice that my hair is OOC!  I'm trying to grow it out a bit for an upcoming wedding in August, but I look like a wild animal.  I love my curly hair, and I have embraced it, but the humidity is not my friend.  I miss the dry winter during these months - I had weeks of good hair days!  My curly hair friends, any products you love?


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