Conversation #96: Summer Fun Song

I think this is the number I’m on, but honestly, I am too lazy to open blogger to check.  You see, I use Live Writer and blogger to post and I get too lazy to go back and forth to keep track of my numbers.  I guess that is why I shouldn’t do the numbers!
Anyway, I’m so bad at blogging these days, but I don’t want to give it up, I just need to find my mojo again in the right amount.  Until then I want to share another new favorite song I’m enjoying these days. 
So I’m not a normally a huge Lady Gaga fan to be honest.  I love some songs and some I don’t, and I don’t really her viewpoints.  However, I do love that she makes so many different types of songs, and her new one, “You and I”really gets my goat.  I think it sounds so country cross-over, but I LOVE it.  I totally thought it was Lady Antebellum the first time I heard it.
I just added the audio version because the video was weird when I pulled it up.  I hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!

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