Conversation #103: Copycat (and something new with your hair)

Okay, I think I am back on track now for this last week of challenges.  I actually like the challenges because it really helps me get dressed each day versus limiting me.  It is sort of like having a uniform, but a fun one.  Anyway, I did combine yesterday and today into one.  I know, but I figured this has to work for me not stress me out, so this is how it worked.  I didn't really do anything exciting yesterday either.  We didn't make church in the morning, and I cleaned all day.  I did get dressed for our small group last night, but it was pretty casual and not exciting.

Without further ado, here is my inspiration photo for the copycat outfit:
I'm so cool that I had to scan my inspiration photo!  I keep meaning to join Pinterest (I have invites) but I keep forgetting to when I'm at home.  I guess you have to sign up through facebook and my work computer won't let me.  Probably for the best!  Anyway, this image came out of the September issue of Real Simple (I love that magazine).  I really just wanted to buy the shoes and top, but I figured I should try to recreate first.

Mine isn't perfect, but a similar idea.  My suede wedges have a similar shape to them, but they don't have any fun geometric designs on the toe of the shoe.  The do have a little leather lace and bow though.  Also, my blouse is gray and has a silver button so I changed out the gold bracelets for silver in my look.  Here ya go:

Outfit breakdown
Top: JCPenney, $8
Pants: Lands' End Canvas, $13 (I think)
Shoes: Etienne Aigner via TJ Maxx, $30
Bracelet: Wore it in my wedding, maybe $10

Also, my something new with my hair is straightening it.  I never do, I decided to this morning and then it rained for a hot second!  It hasn't rained in so long and it picks today to do it!!!  Oh well.  Check out the other fun inspired outfits here.


Gail said...

Cute Jessica! I like the short hair too!

Miss you,

Stori said...

1) I love your 21 day challenge. Maybe I'll join late?
2) you look amazing! I am trying to lose 10ish pounds... I hope I can do it!
3) so far the white dress and blue cardigan is my favorite!
4) how do you have so many cute things in the recesses of your closet? I am pretty sure I have nothing, but that is the whole point of the challenge :).

Heather said...


Kayla said...

I DIED over that inspiration photo when I saw it in Real Simple last month. So glad you chose that one. I love your take on it!

Freckles in April