Conversation #97: Unofficial 21 Day Challenge Participant

I’m not really sure now how I found Kayla’s blog or this challenge, but I have been kind of doing it on my own the last few days.  I decided I would go ahead and post today and link up.  Check out Kayla and the challenge here.

Today was monochromatic.  Usually when I do monochromatic, I go with black.  It is simple and safe.  However, it is way too hot down here to wear all black so I opted for white (had I thought this out sooner I would have tried to be brave and try a real color).  Anyway, you can’t really see from my picture, but my sandals are also white.  I tried to keep it all white, but I needed the belt to add a little pizzazz (plus, I work for a city that is not fashion forward so I had to look somewhat nice too).


Shirt: Lands’ End, $5

Skirt: JCPenney (from high school)

Belt: Coldwater Creek, $10

Necklace: Coldwater Creek, $10

Shoes: Lands’ End Canvas, $13

Watch: Anne Klein via ebay, $30

Anyway, we’ll see what tomorrow brings!  The challenge is to rescue something from the deep recesses of your closet.  I’ll have to see what I can find.  Until then, have a great evening!


Gail said...

Cute! I like the monochromatic look! You always look so stylish---you show those Richardsonians!


Kayla said...

I love all white...so crisp and clean looking!

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