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Conversation #98: The Little Things

So I actually plan on writing a great post soon about the best most fun wedding I ever attended (and was honored to be part of) a little over a week ago now.  However, I’m still downloading pics so I’m getting there.  In the meantime (and in between the sporadic challenge posts), here are just a couple of little things that have made this unbearably hot summer better:

WATERMELON – I can’t get enough.  I might be pregnant (ok, totally not).  I think I’m eating so much watermelon that it is making me have to go to bathroom more often.  It woke me up three times last night so I cut myself off early last night.


(Picture from here)

Another lovely item: FLOWERS!  All of mine are pretty much close to dead with the heat and water restrictions (at least they are definitely not blooming).  So the hubby surprised me the other night with these beauties:


They are just so bright and cheery I can’t help but smile!  What little things are getting you through the heat?  (If you are lucky enough to live in a cooler climate, please remind me what that feels like!)


Gail said…
I agree with the watermelon! Just had some alongside lunch! Also- what a sweet guy your husband is to bring you flowers! They definitely brightens up any day!

The things that have been getting us through the summer: a/c, a surprise trip to Hawaiian Falls, fresh fruit, and just being with my sweet baby and husband! :)

Ashleigh said…
Beautiful flowers!! Props to your hubby!! He needs to put a little bird in my hubby's ear about that!
And I think Lilleigh is with you on the watermelon!! When can we hang out??

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