Conversation #116: Retail Detox, an inventory

Okay, I have lost count of what week I'm supposed to be on, and since I failed a bit I should really probably start fresh.  Baby steps - that is what I'm working with here.  I got my fail packages in the mail this weekend, and unfortunately I love it all.  Right now they are sitting in a pile.  I'm trying to really decide if any of it really fulfills a need and then go from there.  Of course, I want to say it all does, but I know if I let it sit for a bit I'll realize if any of it was worth breaking the detox.  In the meantime, to help me get back on track I'm going to start sharing my closet inventory with y'all using the Real Simple list I posted a link to a couple of posts ago.

Here is a cut of the first part of the list: pants.

Okay, so this list is again the "essentials" - a wardrobe foundation and so I know there will be some additions of fun, trendy items.  However, I also started realizing when I went through this that I might have a few of each foundation so that might be a bit excessive. 

Dark Bootcut jeans - I have 3 pairs of really dark bootcut jeans, I have two pair of dark skinny jeans, two pair of medium wash skinny ankle jeans, three pair of medium was bootcut jeans (one a high waisted pair) and two pair of dark trouser jeans.  I'm no longer a student and I very rarely get to wear jeans to work (maybe 15-20 Fridays a year, max) so I have quite a few for only being able to wear them on weekends and maybe the evenings if I have somewhere to go.  I LOVE jeans.  I have gotten rid of a few pair that were too big lately, but I'm always wanting to add to my collection.  I think it is because I was the youngest of three girls growing up, and I got hand-me downs a lot.  I was also tall for my age, and so my jeans were never cool and always too short.  Therefore, I pretty much buy any pair of jeans I love that are $20 or less.  I think I have two pairs of jeans that were over $20: one for $24 (Lands' End Canvas) and another pair of 7 for all Mankind jeans I bought on ebay for $45 - I was trying to fit in at my very fashionable college but I do love the jeans).  Other than that, all jeans were $20 or less.

Menswear inspired trousers - now this section is a bit more under control.  I would only consider maybe three pairs of my dress pants "trousers."  I have one black pair, one dark brown pair, and one grey pair.  I think I am pretty good at hitting the basics on this one.  However,  I have too many of some of the other categories.

Black flared pants - I'm not sure that "flared" is what I have because I'm not as much a flared pant person.  I do have a couple of pairs of wide leg black pants and maybe one pair that is bootcut.  I think they fill this essential just fine though.

Casual Chinos - so I have a lot of pants that probably fit closest to this category (some are slightly dressier).  I have two navy pairs of chinos, multiple pairs of khakis, and one pair of casual black chinos.  I work in an environment that is business casual so a lot of  my pants fall into that category.

Slim ankle length pants - this is probably my most favorite pant silhouette.  I have two pairs of black, one khaki colored pair, one navy pair, one dark purple pair, and I'm working on making a couple of flared pair into skinny pants.  I also have a couple of pair of jeans that fit into this category.

I think it is evident that I have more than enough pairs of pants.  This list also didn't include the four pairs of corduroy pants I also have for the cooler months (three skinny pair one bootcut).  Due to my plethora of pants, I have not been buying any of these lately.  I haven't even bought new jeans in a while either - at least I'm holding back in some areas!

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Tiffany said...

I haven't kept up with where we're at on the Detox either! But I have been doing pretty well on the ban... I've only bought myself two things for now. And a two things to go in the Christmas closet. =) Not too shabby considering I used to shop nearly every day on my lunch break! lol