Conversation #117: Shopping Tips

The lovely Stori from It's a Wannderful Life (over in Russia right now!) asked me to share some tips I have for getting good deals while clothes shopping.  Sadly, I probably spend way too much time looking for good deals, but since I don't have kids yet I figure I have the time.  Hopefully my wardrobe will be fairly well stocked and fool proof when I start having children and become busier with family and work.  That way I'll be able to love my clothes and feel comfortable getting dressed, but I won't have to think about it!

1.  Online shopping - This is my number one tip.  I do probably 90% of my shopping online.  I have usually found better prices online and I usually only shop at online places when they offer free shipping (which is fairly often at some retailers).  This is the biggest way I find good deals.  I will scour online sales and I also tend to make sure a retailer either allows in store returns or free shipping on return items.  The Gap is one store that I usually find has better in store prices during sales, but sometimes the sizes in the store are very limited.  J.Crew doesn't offer free shipping on any order much anymore, but when they do I stock up. 

2. Google coupon codes - This is tied closely with online shopping.  I get a lot of sale emails daily from my favorite stores, but I also always google "STORE NAME promo code" to see what is out there.  This is very helpful!

3. ebay and Thrifting - I don't do near as much thrifting as a lot of bloggers out there, but I will ocassionally find a hidden treasure at a thrift store.  My favorite source for gently used items is ebay.  I have bought and sold quite a bit on ebay, and I love it.

4. Sale sites  - I am a member of Rue La La, Gilt, and I get Shop it to Me emails as well.  I wouldn't say this is my main source of good deals, but I have scored some really deals this way as well.

5. Shop an unexpected source - one of my favorite online places to find a good deal is Coldwater Creek.  I know most women under the age of 50 wouldn't even consider this store, but they actually have some really cute pieces.  Some items are more matronly or older, but I have gotten a number of pieces there that I love.  They have a great online outlet and when you can find a 30% off code with free shipping, you can really score at this store.  I'll have to share some of the items I have found there that I love (besides jewelry I frequently wear in outfit posts). 

6. Patience - This is the last tip I can think of, but it really is true.  I usually make a list of new arrivals I like and then I wait out stores for sales, and I have started learning when the best ones come.  Unless it is something I REALLY REALLY REALLY want and it looks like it will sellout before it hits sale, I NEVER buy anything full price.  I have learned that there is just no reason to.  If I can wait just a few short weeks, I can buy the item I want and maybe something else too!  I just can't make myself spend more on something if I know I can get it cheaper elsewhere.

For example, Lands' End Canvas (one of my favorite retailers) will generally have their seasonal sale for two or three weeks, and then after that they will add an extra 20% or 30% off the sale price. That is when I buyg (like the purchases that derailed the detox).  They also frequently have free shipping (and you can always return for free to a Sears store!)

I also check back frequently to online sites to see if a favorite item pops back into stock.

Okay, this is all I can think of for now, but if I remember any other tips I will be sure to share them with you all!  Happy wallet friendly shopping :)

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