Conversation #149b: A haircut

I wanted to separate this post out from the one that just posted because they are just on completely different spectrums.  So I haven't had my haircut in 8 months.  I don't normally go that long unless I am really trying to grow my hair out (which I did only once).  I got it cut back in August and meant to again before the holidays, but then it got busy.  Then I was pretty much sick the entire month of January.  Then I started studying for the PE exam.  Then it is today.

As you might imagine, my hair is out of control!  I don't blow dry it much so it doesn't take a huge beating most days and stays relatively healthy.  However, the humidity has been pretty crazy here and my curly out of control mane has looked awful down and curly.  I either put it up everyday or straighten because I feel like too much of a mess to go to work otherwise.

Therefore, I am getting my haircut tomorrow morning!!!

Here is what I am thinking (same cut, I think, but different views):

Here is a sort of current picture of my hair:

(I didn't feel awesome this day and went home sick, so I look a little messy)
Outfit breakdown (my attempt at pattern mixing):
Dress, Lands End Canvas, $35
Red Striped Blouse, Lands End Canvas, $12
Belt, Coldwater Creek, $10
Navy suede ballet flats, Lands End Canvas, $15

Not the best picture of my hair, and my hair is longer and even more out of control than that.  It just looks messy and I'm ready for a change.  THOUGHTS?!!


Perfectly Imperfect said...

I LOVE that haircut. I say go for it since you have that type of hair. It will look great!

Misty said...

I love it! I vote yes! Do it!!!