Conversation #152: Frugal Friday: Fashion

*sorry, this was supposed to post Friday - my scheduled posts are not working :(

Hello!  Welcome to the first installment of Frugal Fridays: Fashion.  First, sorry I didn't write much this week.  I had a horrible migraine on Monday and didn't even go to work.  Therefore, no pic of the new haircut for you.  Then on Tuesday, I did make it to work, but didn't love my outfit.  I didn't love it again on Wednesday.  The last couple of days it was, eh.  I haven't been feeling very inspired this week to get dressed, but I have a couple of pics for you.  I will also unveil the new 'do. 

I got my haircut on Saturday, and at first I really liked it.  I hadn't had it this short in a looooooong time so it kind of surprised me.  Then, on Sunday morning I decided to style it more straight like the pic I posted last Friday, but it looked awful.  Husband called it right - he said I looked like a politician, but then I knew he meant Hillary Clinton from a few years ago.  Needless to say, I had a little breakdown, didn't make it to church, and then made him cut off a little on the bottom (it felt a little like a mullet the way my hair was curling), and finally I loved it.  I'll be honest, I am still figuring out how to style it, but most days I really like it.  I like doing fun things with my hair, and if I could pull of this cut, I would in a heartbeat:
But alas, this is my hair:

I hate the way pictures of myself look like this, but I can't really do camera timer pictures these days.  Maybe they'll come back soon...we'll see.  Until then, here are the couple of outfit pics I have, new hair and all!

Outfit breakdown:
Cardi, Gap Outlet, $15
Blank top, Coldwater Creek, $10ish (can't remember for sure)
Blue skinnies, JCPenney, $18
Wedge sandals, Target, $12ish

The hair is a little more naturally curly today, so it has a little different texture
Outfit breakdown:
Cardi, Talbots, $20
Leopard tank, Gap, $8
Black maxi skirt, Gap, $8ish
Sandals, Lands End Canvas, $13

That is is for me this week!  I feel like my life is really back to normal now.  One reason I didn't post as much this week either is that I was working on my testimony (which I gave last night) and then I also needed to finish Tale of Two Cities for my book club tomorrow (which I did!)  Giving my testimony was cool because it really gave me a chance to look at what all God has and is doing!  It makes me excited to see what more He will do in my life.  However, everyone kept telling me how brave I was to share, and it made me go, "oh no, what did I actually say?!"  Haha, it was good, and as one of the ladies from my church said, "Let the redeemed of the Lord say so!"  AMEN!

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Stori said...

Its so cute! I love your haircut. Also, I have been praying for you on the PE exam. I remember when my husband had to take it and prepare for it, he's a CivE too. It was not fun!