Conversation #180: Babies

If you are following along with Misty's Christmas Link-up party, then you may know that my 6th post ever on this blog was a conversation about babies and how I was so not ready for one.  Check it all out here!

Well, my how things have changed in a couple of years (well not quite two).  Now I am longing for a baby like crazy - I want nothing more than to be pregnant!  See, I told everyone eventually I would be ready to not be ready.  I know once a baby comes, I will be freaked out and wonder how I will care for that little life, but I am so ready for that.

You see, back a couple of years ago my husband was still in law school, and A LOT has changed since then.  He graduated, passed the bar, started and now runs a successful solo practice, I took the PE exam and passed, got a promotion, and we moved to a bigger house ready to fill with kids!  God has been so good and gracious and blessed us so much over the last couple of years - none of the above would have been possible without Him!  Now I am trying to remember to trust Him and His perfect timing (it has all been perfect so far) when it comes to babies and getting pregnant.  We have only been trying for a couple of months so it isn't like we are in the throes of infertility.  I am not freaking out or anything.  I am just impatient and want to be pregnant now, so I know I need surrender that to Him and let it be in His time and in His perfect way.

Anyway, I just thought it would be kind of fun to update on the whole baby thing since it has pretty much made 180 since that 6th post.

How about the rest of you?  Have you taken a look back to see where your brain was in the beginning?  It has been kind of fun!

P.S.  If you read my 5th post about Missions and traveling - here is a little update.  We have yet to take a Missions trip outside of the country, but I do hope to someday.  We did get to take a little trip to the Dominican Republic to visit friends and celebrate being done with law school and the bar exam (so I have a passport now!)  Of course, that was a fun touristy trip, but we did get to see some of the local areas while driving to and far - just seeing how they live and getting to hear about it from my friend who is from there is enlightening to hear about how others live.  It also makes me truly grateful for this great country and having grown up here.  I really hope to not take that for granted and be thankful to that and God for His blessings daily!!!

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