Conversation #178: A Link-Up

Misty over at Across and Down a Little decided to host a fun Christmas link-up party where we count-up to Christmas by linking back to our very first posts ever.  Technically I had a blog before this one that grew to be bigger (not huge, I think I had like 140 followers), but then I became bitter over a blogging thing so I took a break for a while.  I started anew with this one, but it has been almost two years (okay a few months shy) since I started this one so it actually was fun to go back and look at where it began.  You can always scroll over to the side and check-out my archives, but make sure and head here so you can see mine and others first posts.

I would love to add a picture here for you, but Blogger and Google Chrome don't play nice apparently on my computer so I need to go back to use LiveWriter I think to make this all work.  Anyone else having these problems with uploading pictures?

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