A Coversation about our incredibly out-of-control, overreaching Government

Did you hear what Sen. Chuck Schumer wants to do? Introduce legislation that would prevent airlines to charge for carry-on luggage (i.e. Spirit). What?! Where does it say in the Constitution that any branch of government should be interfering in the private airline business?

I was watching Fox & Friends yesterday, and heard Steve Doocy (the cool anchor from Kansas) talking to good ol' Chuck Schumer about this. Apparently Senator Schumer is under the impression that it is a right for us to be able to fly at some randomly determined standard I guess. Sure, I like to fly, and I like to fly for a good price. However, the market should be determining that price, not the government! The companies need to determine what they can afford and what their customers are willing to pay.

Each company can and should choose their own price structure, and then they have to determine if the market will respond accordingly. Really, I just can't believe that the government even for a nanosecond thought this should be their business. Seriously, where will it stop?!

Just this gal's opinion on our nanny-state inducing government

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d.a.r. said...

The same government who wants to tax people for drinking pop. The same government who wants the middle class to shoulder the health care costs for the entire nation. The same government that has required calorie counts to be publicized in restaurants. The same government who has so completely overreached their bounds that they do not have any limits and won't stop until we elect someone new.

It is horrible. This government is suffocating the market and trampling our constitutional rights while purporting to be all about civil rights...at least as they pertain to homosexuals and a woman who wants an abortion.

Whoooaaa...sorry, off my soapbox now.