A Conversation about Office Wear

I'm not the CEO. I'm not even in management. Therefore, I would say that I wear business casual most days; meaning I'm usually in slacks and a blouse or maybe a skirt or dress. Today, however, I'm going more casual and wearing wide leg trouser khakis with a BR polo shirt. It is as close to jeans as I can get on a Friday. I was also in the work car a lot this morning so I didn't want to be in a skirt today.

Anyhow, yesterday my job required me to dress up a bit more so I put on one of two suits I own. I guess someday I'll have a job that might require me to own more, but until then, this is what I got:

(I also just realized it looks like I have no right hand in this pic - my awesome photography skills at work in the office bathroom)

I like wearing a suit and all, but I struggle with what to wear under it. I don't love button down shirts for two reasons: ironing and gaping. Some would say I am blessed with a larger bust (I feel more cursed, but the grass is always greener...), and it is hard to find a button down that closes properly without being super baggy everywhere else. Anyone else have these problems? Anyone have any pointers of other options for under a suit? Okay, not that I really need any because as mentioned above, I don't wear suits ever really. I still like to hear your ideas.

I'm also trying to save my spending money these days so I probably won't run out and buy new suit underpinnings at this point. I definitely don't need anything. I did see a pair of LL Bean shoes I would like to have, but I want to wait and see if they go on sale. I'm also hoping to save up to get a basic laptop. I have always loved Macs, but I can't spend that much these days. I really just want a computer that doesn't give me the rainbow wheel every time I try to do something. My 7 year-old iMac just can't do it all anymore :( However, if I do get a new computer over the next few months, I just might blog more because it won't be such a chore!

Have a super weekend my lovely blog friends :)


Jennifer said...

My computer is about to bite the dust too. It really does make blogging a chore! haha!

I don't have a dress code at all at work, so I really am not a huge help in that regard. We are allowed to wear jeans everyday in my division if we want to. If I were wearing a suit though and I didn't want to wear a button down, I would wear one of those shell style tops. You can get a bunch of them in every color for very cheap at like Target or Land's End. My MIL wears a lot of suits and that is usually what she wears under them because like you she is very blessed up top...by the way, the grass is always greener! I envy y'all!

Freck said...

I always struggle with what I should wear under my suit coat, too!! I've learned that the more simple you keep it, the more comfortable it is. Fortunately for me, I haven't had to throw on a suit since I interviewed for my current job (phew!), because I'm not a big fan of wearing any of my suits. I love yours though!

Carolynn Markey said...

Oh! I love your peep-toe shoes!

Rachel said...

I've never had, and probably never will have, a problem with the buttons gaping at the bust. :P Definitely not built like that! But I also like the look of fitted turtleneck or crew neck sweater with a pencil skirt and blazer.

Misty said...

Thanks for linking up your first posts with me! I am enjoying going back in time to see how you began! And now I know that your background is your work office restroom! I always wondered. :)