A Conversation about Banks (& the Government)

So last night while sitting in the bank drive-through waiting for the teller to return my deposit receipt, I saw this little sign on the drive-through console:

"Backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government"

This was on the FDIC sticker, and frankly, I just found it funny, ironic, and sad. You know, at some point that probably would have meant something to me, but now I just have very little faith in the US government and definitely zero faith in their credit unless things change soon! I know America can still prevail and be the great free nation it is, but it takes work from us, and that is exactly what I plan to do as the mid-terms elections draw nearer and nearer.

I do believe that America needs to remain a Christian nation. That doesn't mean we condemn or turn away those who are not Christians, that isn't what God calls us to do. However, it does mean we fight for the things that are in line with God's Word (the Bible), and our country has become so "politically correct" these days that seems harder and harder to do.

I'm praying for our country - are you?

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