Happy Valentine's Day, BF's!

Hubby and I did a Groupon Valentine's this year.  Call it cheap if you want, but we are frugal people so it works for us.  We had a Groupon for a local pizza place and movie theatre so we made a night of it.  We were planning to see The King's Speech, but that didn't work out so we saw Just Go With It.  I think it ended up being a happy surprise.  It was a fun romantic comedy with lots of laughs - hubby and I laughed the whole time.  In fact, we were both kind of tense at each other when the movie started because we were pressed for time, and this movie had us holding hands and laughing before it was over so it is a winner in my book!

Honestly, the hubby and I don't really do too much for Valentine's.  Most years we just cook dinner at home together, but we had these Groupons to use so it worked out.  Our first Valentine's together was special, but after that it seems like we should just have Valentine's everyday.  Our first Valentine's day together was 8 years ago.  I had been visiting a college with my mom over the weekend, and we were rushing back because Isaac was going to make me dinner.  His parents left us at their house (we were trustworthy) and we had dinner and exchanged gifts.  I gave him a Tombstone movie set and he gave me this pretty light gold heart bracelet.  It was so pretty but also a little delicate.  I used to wear it everyday, but I stopped because I didn't want it to break.  I wish I could wear it everyday!

I also remember my first Valentine's with a boyfriend.  His name was/is Brandon (I'm pretty sure he is still alive).  We were in fifth grade, and I thought I was in love...so young, so naive.  He gave me a single white rose and a card with a pop-up cupid in it.  He just signed his name, but I remember looking at it over and over. 

I guess my first valentine really was my dad though.  I remember one year in particular - I never really like chocolate, but I guess I vocalized it one year when I was still pretty young.  My dad felt awful because he hadn't gotten my sisters and I each our own box of chocolates.  Well my dad went out and got a me a little stuffed Dalmatian with a red bow on one of her ears, and I just loved it.  I think I might still have it tucked away in my memory box.  That is a memory that just makes me smile.

What are your Valentine's Day memories?  I hope y'all have someone to share it with whether a spouse, significant other or just good friends and family.  Who said this was only a day for couples?!

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