Conversation #63: Outfits of the Day

So I have started reading so many fashion blogs that I have been inspired to branch out in my clothing and try some new styles and pictures.  Below are a few of my recent tries, and I’m still working on the picture taking part of this with my point and shoot and timer.  I’ll get there.

I also got two new pairs of glasses.  I haven’t gotten a good picture of one pair yet, but the other is below.  I’ll point it out for you.

Without further adieu…

I had wanted a pair of winter shorts and finally found some I liked from The Limited.  Here is that outfit:


Cardigan: New York and Company, price:?

Shirt: Lands’ End, price: $2 on clearance at Sears

Shorts:  The Limited, price: $15 on sale

Here was my first attempt of an exciting OOTD shot.  I’m still working on it:

Here are the new glasses, too!

DSC04412 DSC04414 DSC04417

Cardigan: The Gap, price: $17, on sale and used a Groupon

T-Shirt: J. Crew, price: $10, on sale

Skirt: Lands’ End Canvas, $20 on sale

Boots: Sonoma, Kohls, a gift from 4 or 5 years ago

This was yesterday’s outfit:




Jacket: JCPenney, from a long time ago

Dress: Lands’ End Canvas, price: $23 on sale

Tights: Lands’ End, price: $6.50 on clearance from Sears

Shoes: Alfani, price: I think $23 on ebay

Necklace: Forever 21, years ago now

Sunglasses: Lands’ End, $12 on sale

Can y’all tell what my favorite store is?  I think I might need to branch out just a little!  

My picture companion, Jane the Bassett!


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