The Post Office Blonde Moment

(Photo from: http://www.nauvoonews.com/nauvoo_photos.htm)

So I found a new satchel purse that I'm very excited about.  I got a better deal on this one than the other, and it is from one of my favorite purse companies, The Sak.  Here is a picture of it:
I decided that I needed to return a purse I bought from them a couple of weeks ago though to feel good about this purchase.  I bought it thinking I would love it, but I just couldn't make the shape fit for me.  I let it sit for a week or so, but it wasn't happening.  I was just going to keep it because the thought of returning it sounded like a hassle until this bag was revealed on their website, and it was waaaaay marked down for a week!  I decided I would just send the other one back, and so began the post office debacle.

I lost a little faith in the USPS this week - at least the local one near me.  I went on Monday night to pick up a priority mail box, and they were all out.  Plus, there were like 20+ people in line.  I decided I would try again on Tuesday.  So yesterday  I stopped in on my lunch break and still no luck and 20+ people in line.  Why are people mailing so much these days?  Is Valentine's Day a big mailing holiday?

Anyway, I decided to hit up a different post office and finally success - I got a box!  So I went home, ate lunch, packed up the purse and headed back to the first post office to ship.  Still 20+ people in line so I decide to  use the automated kiosk.  I wait for the guy in front of me to determine shipping for 6 packages, and then finally it is my turn.  I put the box on the scale, select everything I want, push buy AND...wait for it..the printer was broken for that size of label!!!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!!  So I left.  At least I know how much it weighs now because I just printed off a label online from the USPS website and it was cheaper.

Now comes the blonde moment, I had to the get the package in the mail yesterday because that was the date on the label so I left work a few minutes early to run across the street and just drop off my postage-paid package.  Again, it was a zoo (I think 30+ in line this time).  I parked and as I was walking in this guy came in behind me with two big bins of mail.  The bins were marked with USPS on the side, and he had them on a dolly so I was holding the door for him.  I thought he had just picked up the mail from the outside drive-thru drop boxes so I asked him if I could just give him my package since it was paid for - he said okay. 

Then it hit me as I was walking back to my car - that poor guy was NOT a postal worker!  I started thinking about how he just had jeans and a shirt on, no uniform, and then I saw him walk back out and get in his car.  I felt like an idiot!!!  He was super nice, and I wasn't exactly sure where to drop the package anyway so it all worked out, but I think he was just dropping off mail from his office.  I'll probably never see him again, but he probably thinks I'm either an idiot or rude, but oh well.  It made me laugh at myself - haha!  I hate to admit it, but I still have blonde moments.


Preppy 101 said...

I think the lines are so long because they have cut back on postal workers! I find the same situation here! xoxo

Sarah Louise said...

LOL! I think we are all bound to have a moment or two like that in our life time...