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"Oh the weather outside is frightful..."

And I'm sitting at my desk working...oh wait, that doesn't rhyme.  Yep, I may be one of the few who has gone into work EVERYDAY this week.  After the 6"+ of snow we got over night, I was hesistant to drive my rear-wheel drive car this morning.  However, I decided I wanted to go in just to stick it to everyone and say that I did.  (I don't really know who the everyone is to be honest).

Since I grew up driving on snow and ice, it really doesn't bother me.  I haven't slid once this week (knock on wood), but I am always leery of those driving around me.  Today may have been the only day all week I would have gotten a snow day growing up.

This is what it looked like this morning when I left for work (and we have had more snowfall since):
Of course, Jane the Basset decided that she needed to do number "two" this morning so it took a bit longer than normal for her potty break before work.  It wasn't quite as deep as last year so her belly wasn't quite touching yet.  Well, it kind of was but she could hop through it.  Action shot on the palm phone:

Almost everyone in my family (including the husband) laughed at me when I got this cute knitted hood from Lands End Canvas for Christmas, but I knew it would come in handy.  It doesn't smoosh my curly hair but it keeps me warm!

Our heater started acting up on Tuesday afternoon when the hubby was home from work.  I'm so thankful he is handy because he figured out that it was just trying to run so much because it was so cold that it was overheating itself.  He cleaned it out and opened the little cabinet door so it could breathe, and I think it is working better than before!  It is kind of creepy in that closet, but I'm an engineering nerd and I think seeing how it works with the blue flames is pretty cool (the blue is about all you can see in this picture):
So being at work with nothing to do (because it is that SLOW and no one is coming into city hall), I began online shopping/browsing.  I actually haven't bought anything yet, and I think it may be due to divine intervention!  I have had my eye on this satchel for months:

It sold out around Christmas and I gave up.  Then I noticed it was back on sale online this last Tuesday, and then the generator switched happened and my screen went black.  By the time I could log back on, it was sold out, again.  I checked the last couple of days and nothing!  Then this morning, while trying to fill my time again I noticed it had popped back in.  I was sitting there thinking about pushing "submit" on my order and then my coworker came over to plug in my space heater and turned off my computer instead!  Then I logged back on, it was gone, again!

It is just a purse, and I'll for sure survive.  I had just been wanting a satchel like this style, and now I'm picky about it being leather so it last for a long time.  Well, I haven't found too many for a reasonable price.  This one wasn't until it went on sale, but I guess it just isn't meant to be!  I actually get to leave work a little early today for an appointment, so maybe I'll just have to do some searching afterwards online!

Okay, hope y'all are warmer than me :)


Ashleigh said…
Love the hood! That sounds like something I'd buy too! I bought a muff a few years back and I got the same reaction. But you better believe it came in handy!! ;)
Preppy 101 said…
It does appear that might a sign not to buy the purse - yet. :-) Maybe it's going to get even cheaper! haha.

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