Conversation #74: It's Friday = Jeans Day

Generally, my office is business casual all the time (even Fridays), but for the next few weeks we get to wear jeans if we donated to United Way.  I like United Way so it is a win/win.  I actually took Wednesday off and yesterday because I was just too sick to get out of bed.  These allergies are really getting me down.  My face hurt so bad from the sinus pressure that I couldn't fall alseep.  It is also making my teeth ache (my new dentist explained that the root of your teeth go up into your sinuses so that is why they ache sometimes when you have sinus pressure). 

Therefore, I am VERY casual today, but I still feel good.  Here is the outfit (straight from the awesome bathroom at work - this is the room for nursing mothers per the new healthcare law).  However,  I am not a nursing mother before you get any ideas - haha!

Shirt: Lands' End Canvas - $8.99 on sale
Jeans: Gap Outlet - $10 (a long time ago)
Shoes: DSW - $32 (on sale and shipped )
Necklace: Forever21 - $?, cheap
Watch: Anne Klein, ebay, $34

I love these clogs, but they are sort of dangerous.  These are the shoes I was wearing when I rendered my foot useless during the great plumbing leak of 2011.  They were the first time I was wearing them so hopefully it was just a breaking in thing.  They are super comfortable as long as I don't twist my foot in them.

I also just noticed how dark my clothes are today.  I usually like more of a contrast, but I do think it is sort of slimming (plus the lighting in there with my phone isn't the best).  No worries - I won't be wearing all black from now on.  That is for my sister - love you sis!  (I don't even think she reads my blog anymore, but it's cool because we talk on the phone all the time) 

Okay, well I better go get some water before I cough up a lung.  Have a lovely weekend, BF's!

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Stori said...

You do look super skinny in that picture!