Conversation #75: Weight Watchers Update

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Did I mention that I started Weight Watchers?  I think so, but if not, I did.  Clearly I'm too lazy to go back and look at my past posts.  Some of you that know me in real life may think this is unnecessary, and I appreciate your sentiment, but I needed help.

I don't technically need to lose any weight.  I'm in the acceptable range for my height and age and all, but my blood work wasn't coming back with the results I wanted.  My cholesterol is a little high, and I figure I might as well learn to eat well now.  I eat my feelings, and I think I realized I must just have a great metabolism because I think I should weigh more than I do based off of how I was eating.

My job was offering a 3 month online subscription for a discount so I figured, why not?  So many other bloggers and friends have talked about how much it helped them.  I hoping to use the three months to learn how to eat better, healthier, and start getting into better shape.  I wouldn't mind losing a few pounds of body fat either while I'm at it.  There is no magic number really for me, I just want to feel better.  I think all of this will help with my migraines as well, especially as I start regularly exercising again.

Okay, so Weight Watchers Monday doesn't have a nice ring to it, but that is when I plan to do updates (I sort of forgot yesterday and then had a migraine).  My new week starts on Sunday and that is my weigh in day so I plan to report back on Monday.  It will help keep me motivated and hopefully really keep the momentum going as I start to eat better.  Counting calories didn't hook me, but I was also eating junk calories just less.  I don't want to be skinny fat - I want to be healthy. 

Onto the details.  I started this on March 28 weighing 150 lbs (and thankfully that was already down a few pounds from my last yearly doctor appointment).  My weight training professor in college told us that on average, adults gain 1 to 2 pounds a year.  It doesn't sound bad until I realized that in 5 years I could weigh 10 more pounds, then 20 more in 10 years, etc.  That really stuck with me so I have tried at the very least to stay steady the last three years.  I did that until this last appointment so that further motivated me to start on WW.

So far I have lost 4 lbs (two each week).  I am super excited about that because it shows me that it really works.  However, it has OPENED MY EYES to how I used to eat.  I am eating so many more fruits and veggies to get full, and I have loved it.  I even bought stuff to make WW recipes and spent the same amount at the grocery store.  It felt so empowering to know I was buying better food and still getting a good deal on it (don't forget how frugal I am).  I know the weight loss may slow down or stop entirely and that is okay.  I'm really just hoping that these healthier foods are chipping away at the cholesterol and plaque that may be building up in my young arteries.

What are your healthy tips and tricks? 

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