Conversation #76: Weight Watchers Update, two days late and a few dollars short

(Photo from: weightwatchers.com)

One of these days I hope to get back to regularly posting.  Sometimes I let the followers number get to me too much, and that is just sad.  I started blogging for me, but I really did want this blog to be a place for conversation.  However, I don't comment nearly enough anymore and just read a lot of blogs, so I really can't feel bad or complain when I don't do in return what I want here.  Alright, done complaining - wow, that was annoying.

So onto the update: I lost two more pounds last week!  I'm down 6 so far and have 12 to go to reach my goal weight.  I'm trying now to start working out more so that way I am tone and not boney or soft looking.  I think I'm maybe just realizing how high my cholesterol was/is for someone my age especially, and it has freaked me out.  I wasn't overweight to begin with, and that scares me the most.  I guess there are some hereditary factors in there, but that has just made me realize how much I really need to stay on top of this to avoid being on medication or having hear problems later on in life.  Now I'm really glad that I'm doing this, and I'm sort of sick of people questioning me because I'm not obese. 

Weight Watchers isn't just about losing weight.  It is about eating better and living healthier, and I have already reduced my cheese intake by A LOT, which might have been a factor in my higher cholesterol levels.  Pretty much the only cheese I eat these days is a Weight Watchers string cheese for 1 point.

We'll see how the rest of this week goes, but I hope I keep moving in a positive direction.  I don't really feel like I have had to miss out on too much food, and I feel full each day.  I also think the recipes they have are delicious.  So far the hubby and I have both loved them, and he was pretty worried it would all be "girly" food.  It isn't, and he is happy he gets to reap some of the healthy eating by extension.

Anyway, I'm a believer in WW and enjoying feeling better by eating better.


Perfectly Imperfect said...

I'm doing WW too and so far am loving it. I'm not nearly as strict on myself as I should be, but I'm making changes and am down about 7 pounds or so. I really want to lose like 40 pounds so.. Should probably get serious!!

d.a.r. said...

Wow congrats!!! That is great!