Conversation #80: A weight watchers update on Monday!

I'm am super overwhelmed and stressed right now thinking about work, so I figured I might as well use my break/lunch time to share something good and maybe dump my worries hear to get them out of my head.

First though, I was super excited because I lost 3 pounds this week!  I know you are only supposed to lose 1-2, and I didn't mean to lose 3, but it just happened.  I ate my points everyday, but I did start working out more this week.  We'll see how this week goes, but I think for now I'm okay with the 3 versus 2 pounds.  I think as long as it isn't a regular occurrence I'm okay.  I didn't use a lot of my extra weekly points last week so I'm thinking maybe that is why I lost more???

Now onto the brain dump - I need May to be over.  I try to never wish life away, but I don't do well with anticipated stress.  You know, the kind of stress you get because there are things looming in the distance you don't want to do and you have to.  I honestly kind of get that way with the dentist still (I actually have an appointment in a couple of weeks) so I always schedule appointments for early in the day so I don't worry all day.  Lovely way to live, right?

Next week my parents and my husband and I are taking a little vacation.  I'm so looking forward to that and wish it could be now.  I just need to get a lot done between now and Friday so I don't have to worry at all while I'm gone.  Then bright and early on Friday morning I get to help run a scholarship golf tournament I have been planning for weeks.  Then the next weekend is our local arts festival, which requires a large traffic engineering staff, and then I have a career day program to prepare for three 3rd grade classes.  For some reason this scares me the most, and was just dumped on me.  I love kids, and I love babysitting and entertaining them, but I am NO teacher.  I tried tutoring and that was a no go for me.  I don't know how to keep 30 3rd graders entertained for 30 minutes about traffic and transportation engineering??? Plus, I have a ton to do for the golf tournament, and I have a coworker who is planning to leave soon and I know all of his responsibilities will be dumped on me.  I am pretty much the dumping ground. 

Anyway, above all though, I am trying to remain extremely grateful for having a good, stable job, and hopefully I can just push the stress away and remember the positive!!! 

Sorry for the dump, I think I need to vocalize all that was freaking me out, and then I could get it out of my head and let go of some of it.  Hope everyone had a great weekend :)

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