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Conversation #84: WW Update and more

First, I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day.  My husband plays in our community band so I went to see him at an outdoor concert, and it was full of patriotic music and people.  It was a great time!  This time of year (with the 4th of July and Veterans Day to follow) always make me wish I had the courage to serve my country, and I am always so humbled by those that do.  I have read many military wives' blogs over the years, and I thank you for the sacrifice of your spouse to protect the rest of us.  I am in awe of all service people and their families.  THANK YOU!!!

Because of those that serve and protect us, we can all write about whatever silly thing we want to on these blogs we have.  It is hard to think that maybe we couldn't - I'm glad for that freedom!

So onto my WeightWatchers update for the week (a little sooner than usual!): I lost 3 pounds last week!  I am so excited about that.  I tried to work really hard this last week and really sticking to my points and stepping up my exercise.  I think it did the trick.  Now I'm only 6 pounds away from my goal weight, and I feel great.  A pool party yesterday did me in a bit, so I'm going to spend the rest of the week exercising and watching points.  At least I didn't use all of my flex points yesterday!

I also want to take a quick moment to clarify how WeightWatchers works.  I have had some friends ask about it, and now I realize that some people don't know what it is.  I have no idea why I knew, but I feel like I always did so I just assumed others did as well. 

First, I'm not a spokesperson for WW and have no affiliation with them other than being a current participant of the online plan (that I paid for myself).  WeightWatchers is not a diet.  I like to call it a lifestyle change.  You don't buy food, and the goal (at least in my mind) is that they try to teach you how to eat correctly for the rest of your life.  I don't plan on changing how I am eating now just because my "subscription" expires.  If I still had more weight to lose to reach my goal, I would sign up again, but I'm hoping to be in maintenance mode before my 3 months is up (you sign up for 3 month increments online). 

Okay, this is a little scatter-brained, but basically you are assigned a point value for what you should eat per day (based on age, sex, height, and weight you want to lose, and probably more things they factor in that I don't know).  Those are the things I told them and then they gave me my daily points (29) and weekly flex points (49).  I always try to eat my full points a day and then I have varied a lot each week on how I use my flex points.  So far I have lost 12 pounds, and I'm a believer!  It has helped me see how poorly I was eating (which I didn't think was even that bad) and has encouraged me to really eat so much better (more fruits and veggies, better protein).  I don't know how strictly I will actually count points everyday for the rest of my life, but I have learned so much about how to eat the right foods and the right portion size and I do plan to strictly follow that for the rest of my life. 

I don't diet.  Never have.  This is the first time I have ever even tried to lose weight.  I realized I was heading down a path of gaining a couple pounds a year, and I didn't like that, and I freaked out about my cholesterol and family history of heart disease.  I figured making a forever change now would be easier and more beneficial versus waiting for some other "right time" in the future.  I was always taught that diets tend to make you gain more weight because you often deprive yourself while on it and then your body hoards the calories when you go off.  I don't want to ever enter that cycle.  Also, I like that I can make my own food and buy what I want and track the points versus having to eat pre-made food that may or may not be good.  I feel full and satisfied on WW, but at first it was a little hard to resist those temptations of a donut or cookie at work.  However, now I find that I just get mad at myself if I give into a treat I didn't plan on.  Not in a obsessive way, but the sugar makes me feel tired and just gross if I eat more than I'm used to now.

Also, there is no official food to buy or meal plan like some other programs, but they do have some food for sale.  I love the WW ice cream section at my grocery store - the treats are so yummy and easy to fit into my daily points.  I tried the lemon snack cakes once, and they weren't my favorite, but now I want to try these protein bars that I got an email about. 

Anyway, as you can see, I really love the program, but I'm no expert.  However, if you have any questions about it, I would be more than happy to try and answer them based solely on my personal experience.  I would definitely recommend WW though whether you are trying to lose 10 pounds or 50 - it works!!!


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