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Conversation #82: A really really reallly late update

Late updates seem to be the norm with me lately.  I actually have a lot of things I want to blog about, and some posts even started, but I just can't seem to find time to sit down and do it very often.  All in good time, I guess. 

I do have one excuse, though.  Last week, my wonderful parents came down so we could go on vacation in the beautiful hill country of Texas.  You should really visit if you haven't been there.  I don't think most people realize how many different landscapes there are in Texas, and the hill country is one of my favorites!  Pictures to come - I took a lot, especially of the deer.

So that is the main reason I didn't do a WW updated last week.  It would have been a good report: lost another pound to make my total loss 10 pounds.  Then we went on vactaion an my husband wanted to visit every bakery in every small town in the area.  See, I had been doing well because I was keeping myself out of temptation zones as much as possible, but put this girl in front of a bakery counter filled with yummy homemade goodness, and you can count me gone!  Luckily I gained 2 pounds but then lost one before official weigh in on Sunday so I ended up gaining 1 pound.

I thought I would be super motivated this week to get back on track, but that time of the month hit so I haven't been feeling like exercising as much and I have been more tempted with eating.  However, thankfully I haven't run over my points yet so I really hope I at least lose one pound this week.  We'll see on Sunday morning!  Don't worry, I'm not obssessing.  I just really want to hit my goal before I lose WW online so I can move into maintenance mode and know how to eat from here on out to stay in shape and healthy.

I went to Star*bucks a couple of weeks ago with a friend, and I wasn't armed with a drink order that was WW friendly.  It was okay and ended up being a treat for the week.  However, when I knew I would be going again this week, I really wanted to know something yummy I could get without using a ton of points.  I got on WW and looked up said coffee place and found that I could get a grande iced skinny cinnamon dolce latte for only 2 points!  I love iced coffee and it sounded good, but I was worried that I would forget the name.  So I did this:
Yep.  I wrote it on a sticky note and put it on the card so I wouldn't forget what I wanted to order.  I really liked it so maybe as I order it more, it will become second nature to say it.  Honestly, I'm not really a lover of Star*bucks.  When I was growing up, my hometown for many years was not large enough to have a Star*bucks, and I frequented local coffee shops instead.  I LOVED them!  I even went to one so often and always ordered an Irish Cream Cappucino, that I was regular who got asked if they wanted the usual.  That was heaven to me :)

Now that I live in a large city, I haven't searched out any local places because honestly, I'm too cheap to pay for coffee very often (especially at Star*bucks - sorry, I think is overpriced).  However, I do love their white chocolate mochas (the bad for me drink) and many of their other "mixed drinks."  I don't really like their straight coffee as much, but I don't think they are evil or anything.  I enjoy their pastries and special drinks.  Plus, it is a nice place to be able to meet with friends and chat for as long as you like without having to purchase a meal and pay for tip.  Yes, I'm that cheap.  Until my student loans are paid off, I will be that cheap.  Let's face it, my husband and I will probably always be cheap.

In fact, we started going to Star*bucks at all when my husband was given old gift cards from his job.  When they cleaned out a person's office who left, they found a whole bunch of cards and nobody else wanted them.  I loaded them onto the SB website, and we had about $20 to spend.  It is nice to have a on trips (especially in airports) and we always seem to get one from some random place to keep the card loaded.  I actually did put a little more on the card recently because I didn't want to lose my status for getting free drinks and all.  I always love the free stuff!

Okay, that is all for today, but maybe I'll suprise y'all with some weekend posts!  Hope everyone is doing well in the blog world for today.


Gail said…
Hey Jessica, it's Gail! :) I liked your post! Great job for losing 10 lbs....I didn't think you needed to lose any weight at all, but I know us girls are our own worst critics. :( I don't have enough self discipline to diet, but I admire people who do and see results. Thats awesome! I think Starbucks is overpriced too so I only go there as a treat. I'm cheap too! Thankfully I'm not a huge coffee it's not an issue.
Gail said…
P.S. Just left you a response in the comment section of my blog about hydrangeas. Let me know if that helps! :)

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