Conversation #81: I really wanted to post, but...

I couldn't think of anything worthy to say the last couple of days. Sad, I know. I thought of something in the car the other day, but alas I didn't right it down and the thought has not returned.

I am going to share though that I have decided to join in Kim's (at Anthroholic) shopping ban/shop your closet challenge. I think I recently realized I was getting a little crazy with my shopping again (I just can't turn down a good deal) and I have a couple of upcoming weddings that I should save for instead. I have recently purchased a few new things that will more than get me through the summer. My only "cheat" will probably not really be a cheat at all - I ordered something before the ban that got to my house last night that didn't fit. I'll probably exchange, but hopefully that is all. It has been hard to delete the Cinco de mayo deals I have gotten in my inbox, but so far I have lasted!

If you want to join, hop on over to her blog and let her know! Happy closet shopping :)

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