Conversation #127: A bulleted list, because I have never done one before

Wow - I can't believe it is already January 12!  I apologize for being MIA since the first of the year.  Basically, I have been away from home the last three weekends and various days in between, and I thought it would be fun to get sick last Tuesday and stay sick until who knows when!!!  Can you tell I'm over being sick?  Hopefully I'm on the downward slope of this thing.

So the list:
  • I went to the doc when I got sick (I never go) and now I remember why.  My regular doc was busy and I wanted to get in ASAP to make sure I didn't have strep throat before going out of town.  Well, I went in for a strep test and left having that done, plus an EKG and a blood test for mono and a few other things.  All came back normal or negative (for strep and mono).  Other than the strep test, I could have told you that. Hope that bill isn't too high or I will be kind of mad
  • I haven't had a desire to shop much lately, which is great because I need nothing.  I have a bday coming up and have requested some "wants" so hopefully this quells the shopping for a bit.  I totally failed the Retail Detox, but my plan was to keep trying until I succeed!
  • My alma mater won their bowl game, and even though I was sick, I was glad to be there to see them win!
  • I think everyone at work thinks I have the plague.  You see, I stayed home 4 days last week so I wouldn't give them what I thought was strep.  Now I think I just have an awesome cold compounded with allergies so I sound awful, but I feel silly staying home because my mental capacity is fine (no comments please, haha).  I actually had to leave early one day this week because all of the meds me super sick to my tummy.  Not cool.
  • My nose hurts. I have a date with the grocery store after work so I can stock up on some lotion kleenex.
  • My mind is pretty much on politics full time now that the fuzzy, warm Christmas season is over.  I allowed myself to check out the last couple of months, but we are in full campaign season now, folks.  I'll say it, I think Santorum is my guy, but he can't get enough oomph, and I think it is because Paul keeps dividing the others going against Romney.  Okay, Newt might be dividing too.  I think we need one other person versus Romney and go from there.  I don't hate Romney, just not my fave either.
  • Resolutions.  I want to make a list still, but I read something one day that made me realize my ultimate resolution should be to glorify God.  Period.  So that is number one, but I think I will still make a list of goals.
  • I get MLK, Jr. day off for the first time ever this Monday.  My school never took it off - they said we would learn more about him and honor him by being class (which is probably true).  However, at this time in life, I am excited for a 3-day weekend!
  • No outfit pics lately - I haven't felt good enough to care too terribly much about what I'm wearing.  Sad I know.  I might feel better if I put more thought in it, but sleepless nights will do that to you.
  • Last bit of exciting news - I was accepted to sit for the PE exam!  Now the real hard part comes in me studying for the exam.  That shall begin at the end of January.
Okay, that is all for now.  I'll try to have some more fun posts from now on :)

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Gail said...

Hi Jessica! Sorry to hear you've been sick! You shoulda told me and I would have brought you some chicken noodle soup!! :) I enjoyed reading this post...despite what you might think I found it very entertaining!

Miss you!