Conversation #129: A new fashion challenge...the letter C!

I love fashion challenges.  It helps me get outside my clothing comfort zone, forces me to pair things up in a new way, and in a weird way takes the thinking out of what I'm going to wear.  Granted, I have to think about the challenge, but I do much better with a task when I enter my closet versus just pick out something great on my own (I'm not sure that happens often).  Anyway, I just heard about this challenge yesterday from the lovely Misty - I love her blog! (check it out) 
As soon as I clicked over to Kayla's blog (a new favorite blog now), I knew I had to jump into this challenge.  She is taking us through the ABC's of fashion, and today is the letter "C" - celebrity inspired.  I started to panic because I read this late at night and didn't have a stash of "celebrity" inspiration, just random web pics for inspiration, but then I thought of my girl Reese.  I love Reese's style (don't you love how we are on a first name basis?), and so I frantically began searching for a look that I could make work for, well, work.  Here is my inspiration:

I loved the simplicity of this outfit and new I had the items to pull it off (however, I do wish I had fun purple pumps, but alas, I do not).  I also started wondering why I love Reese's style so much.  I think as I began to collect multiple inspirations from her I realized that her style is really accessible.  I'm sure each item of hers cost significantly more than mine, but they are all classic pieces and put together well.  So I may just be using more of her outfits to inspire me in the future (yeah, I may have put a ton on pinterest - would have put more but now my work blocks that site too, boo).

Alright, now here is my daily outfit:
Outfit breakdown:
Jacket, Gap: $13
Tee, Lands' End Canvas: $6
Pants, JCPenney: $10
Suede wedges, Etienne Aigner via TJ Maxx: $30

I have been trying to incorporate more jackets into my wardrobe because I love them, therefore buy a lot, but then never actually wear them.  This was a great way to throw on a fairly new acquisition!

Now it is your chance to join in the fun: click the button below!  Go now and check-out all the other great submissions.


Tomorrow is the letter "D" of course, and it is for Dollar: wear a budget friendly outfit.  I think we all know this is right up my alley! 


Unpretentious Teacher said...

Oh, I'm so glad you are participating! You nailed the Reese look! I love the classic black with a pop of purple!

Jim Thomson said...

Thanks for the post!1

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