Conversation #136: Orange you glad I'm bright?!

Today's fashion challenge is bright colors.  I LOVE bright colors, especially in winter.  My husband says my coworkers (most over the age of 50 and male) probably think I'm crazy by what I wear, but I have to be honest, I really don't care what they think :)  I don't generally get fashion cues from 50 year old males!

I actually have a treat for you today, a casual outfit!  It worked out that I sort of thought ahead this weekend and decided to don a new orange buffalo plaid type shirt.  I actually loved this simple outfit and the bright color.

Outfit breakdown:
Top, Lands End Canvas, $15
Jeans, Lands End Canvas, $11
Leather Purse, The Sak, $60
Leather Boots, Sonoma, gift (at least 6 years ago)
Watch, Michele, gift
Necklace, Coldwater Creek, seen before

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Rebecca from See Me Rwar said...

What a cute top! I love the big orange gingham. So fabulous.

See Me Rwar

chelsey said...

i love this outfit!!