Conversation #3

How about a little spring/summer face lift?

That is exactly what our sun porch needed.  I wanted to really make it feel like a room, another living space, an expansion to our house.  Honestly, the oppressive humidity and extreme heat the last couple of weeks has rendered it useless unless you rise in the wee hours of the morning.

Oh well.  It still needed an update, and I love being able to entertain out there.  It gives are tiny living room and moderate kitchen a much needed break.

Let’s first take a walk down memory lane of what it looked like in the beginning.

Here is a shot of the sun porch on the first day we looked at our house.  Don’t you just love the indoor/outdoor carpet?  Oh, and we are pretty sure we found an old rat’s nest when we took down the barely working ceiling fan.


This was what the outside of the house looked like with the sun porch.  I had forgotten what all we had done back there.  Sadly, we had to remove those trees right by the house on the left because they were threatening the foundation.


Here is the inside of the porch once we started “demo”:

DSC00461 DSC00465

We decided to rip up the carpet, replace the door, replace the outside siding, repaint inside and out, built a little patio outside and put in some new landscaping.  We also did some built-in bench seating.  We also replaced the lighting fixtures, too. Here are the first after shots:

CIMG0003 CIMG0005


This is the state the porch was in for quite a while.  We put in a “deck” floor and I did have placemats on the table and a three pillows on the bench, but that was all.  Then we decided to look for some plantation rockers because I have ALWAYS wanted some.  Craigslist to the rescue!


Here are some shots of the outside work:

DSC00834 DSC02250

The landscaping along the porch has really grown up.  We planted some beautiful rose bushes, and they are just gorgeous now!  Some roses, you say?

DSC01272 DSC01273

Finally, the most recent spruce-up:

DSC03606 DSC03607 DSC03608 DSC03609

I went to my favorite fabric outlet to pick up outdoor fabric to make little curtain valances and lots of pillows.  Then I found some decor type things at garage sales, and finished off the table by making a runner out of burlap and ribbon.

The last shot is of the new outdoor ceiling fan, but we actually replaced that when we first moved in.  I love being able to have a warmer and more inviting space to relax in after a long day or early on a cool morning.  This space was a challenge because originally we thought we would tear it down and start over.  However, we soon realized the structure was attached to the roof, and that job seemed much bigger than our humble DIY skills could handle.  So we decided since we don’t plan to live in this house forever, let’s just make it enjoyable.

I hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane!

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I like the curtains!