Conversation #7: Book Clubs


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One of my favorite bloggers, Domestic Goddess, was talking about her new book club, and I am super jealous!

Recently, my mom and I have been brainstorming on ways to meet people for me (that sounds weird, but let me sort of explain).  I had a fairly unconventional college experience (my fault for transferring colleges) which basically means that I didn’t make a ton of lifelong friends in college.  I have five friends that I consider pretty close, but they all have very busy lives and it makes it pretty hard to get together.  Plus, three of the five are pregnant, and I know that it will change our relationship (post for another day) as it should – they need to tend to their new babies.  One of them is also moving away soon, which leaves me two non-pregnant friends.  One of those friends is in PA school and super busy, and the other is just finishing grad school and jumping back into her more demanding job.

I’m glad all of my friends are living full lives – I think that is great, and I know I’ll still see my friends with babies because I love babies, but I just feel like I lack girlfriends I can call anytime.  Most of my current friends have more important things going on in life.  I’m hoping to meet people at church too, but that is always hard for me as well.  It is crazy, because once you get me started, I talk forever, but I don’t open up easily at first.  I’m kind of shy – shocker, I know!

Anyway, my mom thought joining a book club might be fun, but I don’t know how to find one.  I looked at my local library, but I think those people will be older and the books and discussion are much more critically literary than what I’m looking for.  I just want to have fun meeting with a bunch of girls talking about a fun book and what we did or didn’t like.  How do you find one?!  Are there any DFW girls out there that want to join a book club or are already in one that would accept a new member?  PLEASE LET ME KNOW  :)

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