A conversation about my boyfriend…

jeans that is!  I decided we needed a little lighter post today.  It is Friday after all!  So I wasn’t so sure about the boyfriend jean trend at first, but it was actually the extremely fashionable GingerSnap that inspired me to try it.  She always pulls it off so flawlessly.  I don’t think I pull it off anywhere close to her, but here is my version of it:


I know this picture isn’t awesome (I think my dresser has a more starring role than me) but you get the idea.  I think it would be fun to try and dress up the boyfriend jean with heels and a flirty top, but y’all know I like to play it safe, at least at first.

I didn’t actually buy “boyfriend jeans” by name, but instead I bought some straight leg jeans a size big.  They have worked perfectly and they only cost me $7 at the Gap on sale!  I just couldn’t quite stomach spending more on a fad I wasn’t sure I would love.  Sometimes I wish I could wear them everyday because it is just so comfy!

Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!

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Across the Pond said...

Love them! I love that they are womens jeans but a size too big :) I have tried to wear J.'s jeans and they are WAY to big!!! HAha... Maybe I'll try the trend one day :) Have a great weekend!!!!!