Conversation #146: How about something a little lighter today?

Thanks for going on my spiritual journey with me!  I just felt like I needed to process it all and get it out there.  It has been so amazing for me and I just hope that I keep calling out to God and Holy Spirit so He can just keep revealing His truths to me. 

Okay, so here is something pretty silly, but y'all know I like (ok have an obsession) with handbags, right?  I mean I have loved them for as long as I can remember.  I used to go through them pretty quickly and just buy cheap ones often.  However, once I got into college, I really began to value the classic, leather handbag that I could keep for more than just one season.  I think all of my handbags are leather now, except for any Vera Bradley stuff I have, and I just love using them all and shopping my closet when I want a new handbag.  Let's be honest, though, it is still fun to buy a new one every once in a while.  No worries - my frugality prevails.  Every time I think I'll save up to buy a real fancy leather bag, I just decide it isn't worth it.  I can't spend $200 if I know I can get a leather bag for $60 or less.  I have splurged on just a couple of bags in the past (and that was the $60 or $70 bag) but the rest have been much cheaper.

My tip for finding good leather handbags?  ebay!  (TJ Maxx and sale websites have also contributed to my collection)  I don't know why, but I love handbags so much that I will watch home shopping channels for entertainment when they have handbags on even though I know I will never purchase one.  Well, one late night while the hubby was still in law school and I had to entertain myself in the evenings, I stumbled upon on the Dooney & Bourke hour on QVC.  I became enthralled, which is sad really, but I just love looking at purses apparently.  Plus, I love the Dooney rep on QVC - she makes you feel like you are her best friend (which is probably why she is on there because she is good at sales!)  Ever since then, I have kind of wanted to own a Dooney because I love their classic leather styles and know they last forever if well-cared for.  I knew I wanted a satchel/speedy style bag and began hunting last summer.  I thought I was successful until the handbag arrived, and I quickly knew it was a fake.  Thankfully, the seller accepted the return and I just tucked the thought in the back of mind.  Well, I decided I need a navy leather bag, and I just knew I wanted it to be my Dooney.

I hunted and hunted on ebay (and I am now pretty good at knowing what to look for in checking authenticity) and I found my Dooney!  It is exactly what I wanted, and it was in pretty great shape.  I cleaned up a bit once I got it, but here she is (deep navy, not black - kind of hard to tell in the pic):

The best part - she was only $40 shipped (new ones sell for $245)
Okay, so this was completely silly and shallow, but I love a good deal and a good leather handbag!  Hope you all have a great weekend :)

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chelsey said...

Very pretty! I have a knockoff that I found for 10 bucks, but after 3 months of constant use, the "leather" on one of the handles is cracking. (That's not to say I'll quit using it!)

But yours is lovely and will last so much longer. Great find! (Please don't be offended when I turn up with its sister, also scored on ebay!) :)