Conversation #34: Fall Fashion Part 1

I am soooooooooooo ready for Fall.  Isn’t everyone?  I have actually been picking up a few Fall pieces over the last few weeks that I have found on sale already, and I’ll be sharing my frugal finds soon.

I have also been drooling over new arrivals from some of my favorite stores so I’m going to share a few over the next few days.  Today, I’m sharing my favorite picks from Lands End Canvas and Lands End.

blazer cardi dress fleece

I have actually already bough the dress in the lower left!  I was trying to hold out until it went on sale, but it was already selling out in my preferred color and size so I’m hoping it isn’t too big.  I just know I will get a ton of wear out of it.  Doesn’t it just look cozy?  I ordered it in gray.

heels jacket  plaid coat  sweater coat trench wingtips

I love a classic trench, and wingtips are all around!  I have a red trench that I love, but it fits a little weird so I might replace it.  Also, I already shared my version of wingtips I'll be sporting this season, but I think these are a great casual option.

I also sort of love the neck warmer and scarf hood thing, which is really not my normal M.O.  However, I’m trying to get a little more outside of my comfort zone these days and try different styles.  I think these are fun alternatives to scarves!

neck warmerscarf hood

The next couple of pieces are some of my favorites from Lands End.  I’m especially in love with this gorgeous brown bag:


Another trench type option:

quilted coat

So what stores are scoping out for the Fall?

P.S. Have an awesome Labor Day!


Jennifer said...

Very cute!!! You know I love my Land's End! Unfortunately, I am pretty much on a never ending spending freeze right now with all these misc. wedding expenses and Christmas coming and cutting my hours at work for school...NO FUN! I just got the Boden catalog in the mail and I am thinking I will recreate a couple of the looks on my sewing machine! There is this one sweater dress with velvet on the hem that is to die for! I am thinking I might be able to find a simple inexpensive sweater dress at Target and buy some velvet to add to it! I just can't justify the high prices Boden charges! That dress was selling for like $128 or so! YIKES!

Preppy 101 said...

I love it all! That trench is darling. It's a lifetime investment!! Have a great day. xoxo

Cole said...

What an awesome fall/winter wardrobe! I wish I could go on a big shopping spree!

Cole said...

What an awesome fall/winter wardrobe! I wish I could go on a big shopping spree!

Ashleigh said...

Cute dress!