Conversation #43: Show Us Your Life – Master Bedroom

So I missed last week’s “Living Room” post so I’ll have to catch up on that one later, but I do have pictures of my Master Bedroom for the house tour.  Kelly over at Kelly’s Korner has started up the “Show Us Your Life” series again so I decided to participate this time around because it seemed like a lot of fun.

Here is the main shot:


We live in a 1300 SF Ranch style home from the 1950’s so we don’t have a huge master suite.  I love our room though.  I like Americana type decor – something you would find in an old farmhouse.  I love quilts and rich, warm colors.  I love the color palette.  The bottom half is actually chair railing and (vertical and horizontal) to give an appearance of molding and paneling from a craftsman style house.

I made the curtains and the Texas flag art, and my mom made our quilt for us for our second anniversary.  I also got the mirror above our bed from a swap meet and painted it to match the room better.


This is my dresser – it was my grandparents.  I love it because it is real wood and very sturdy.  The chair to the right was my parents.  It is a little rocking chair that I recovered back when we lived in our apartment.  You’ll have to pardon the drying rack there next to the dresser.  We don’t have a laundry room for it!

This is what I call my little reading nook.  You can see the rocking chair better in this shot.  I also love our trunk – got that from my mom.  It has been in the family for a bit. 



Here is a close up shot of my night stand – the hubby’s is a bit messy.  I actually got this at a garage sale for $15 (solid cherry wood) and refinished them.  I LOVE them now!  I also got my little silver jewelry tray at a garage sale too.  You can see my stack of books is getting quite tall!


Last but not least, this is our little “walk-in” closet:


It is a little on the tiny side compared to our apartment, but we make it work.  I have every inch organized somehow!  I do keep my jackets (not coats but more fashion type jackets) in a little hall closet right outside the door of our bedroom.





Those are just two different sides – nothing really special.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the little trip!  Tell me, did you do a tour today?

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Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

So for some reason I can't get the pictures to load. BOO! If I could I'm sure I would tell you I loved your Master bedroom!