Conversation #45: Show Us Your Life

Well, I made it to Friday again – I guess we all did.   Okay, so it isn’t actually Friday yet, but I’m hopeful we’ll make it to tomorrow.  Since Kelly already posted the Show Us Your Life for the week, I figured that was an easy post for me to do.  I kind of just had a disagreement with the hubby so I’m not feeling too cheery at the moment.  Sorry if that is too honest, but this is me.  I know I need to humble myself before Jesus and patch up this between my husband, but I guess my pride is just too big right now.  Pride – that is a problem I have but a post for another day. 
OK – so onto my “dining room”
My real dining room has been converted into an office nook, so now our dining room is just our eat-in-kitchen dining area.  Here is what I first painted it as:
So remember how I used to have a crazy colored kitchen?  Well, this was the yellow that really made me start questioning my decision.  I mean it photographs well because bright colors always look better in pictures, but the yellow was a little overwhelming.
Here is the new calmer look:
DSC03837 (2)
I am loving the new subdued gray hues!  Our table was a local ebay find.  I love it!  The chairs had a cream cloth on them so I recovered them with a black and tan modern floral pattern.  I also painted the legs black with spray lacquer, and I think it turned out really nicely.
My china cabinet came from my husband’s grandfather, and it was nice but had a dated wood finish so I had to paint it as well.  I actually love painted furniture.  Well, I love natural wood too, but this time I went for the painted.  The pictures I got at Garden Ridge and the mirror from a friend.  It isn’t much, our little dining room, but I love it!  Now will you share yours as well?


Morgan said...

I'm loving gray right now! My whole hallway and stairway is gray.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I really like the new color scheme. I'm in love with gray right now. I want to repaint my kitchen gray.

Ashleigh said...

I don't remember your kitchen being that yellow... that yellow (in the photo) is really bright! I don't think it was actually that bright? Either way, I definitely like the gray better. Good choice!

Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

So in my 5K last Saturday I wore the beautiful pink flower you made for me in my hair. I got so many compliments on it. Just thought I would share!