Conversation #35: The Repainted Kitchen…again

So my poor neglected blog doesn’t know what to do to get my attention.  For starters, I need a weekend home and this pesky sinus headache to go away before I can fully devoted time to blogging again.  However, I did promise some new pictures of the kitchen so here ya go!

Old gray blue:

DSC03800 DSC03801 DSC03807 DSC03808

New gray:

DSC03830 DSC03833 DSC03837 DSC03840 DSC03845 DSC03849

I’m not sure if it translates super well in the pictures, but it is definitely not blue anymore.  I LOVE the new color!  Trust me, I won’t be repainting anytime soon.


The Pink Chick said...

I love the new color! It looks great! I also adore your kitchen! So cute!!!

Cole said...

Love it!! It look awesome!