Conversation #44: It begins

By it, I mean the changes and frustrations of the new healthcare bill.  My employer actually is its own insurer, and recently wanted to create a new preventive wellness program for us employees.  Basically, we were going to get $400 a year to use on various preventive procedures (one of them being adult vaccinations).  However, for some reasons pertaining to the new healthcare law, they couldn't start this program.  I think it had something to with the fact that there was a cap or something.  I'm not actually sure.  Anyway, I'm going out of the country in a little over a month, and I was going to get some recommended vaccinations, but I found out today from my doctor that two would cost $300 and I still need anti-malaria pills on top of that (and insurance won't cover those either).  Maybe it is just me, but that seems a little steep seeing as how I still have to pay my copay to see my doc.  I could go to the health center, but let's just say that I might get what I'm trying to prevent just by going there.  It terrifies me more!  Anyway, in a world with a broken economy and healthcare costs rising, doesn't it seem strange that instead of helping me pay to prevent Hep A or B or malaria, they would rather risk me get it and then have to pay to treat me later (which will cost much more!)  I know it is all a risk game, but today it frustrates me.

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Ashleigh said...

My mom used to take us to a suburban physician's clinic to get all our vaccines, especially for out of country type things!