Conversation #64: Hmm…

Not much too exciting going on here these days.  The headaches are about the same, but a talk with the doctor today gives me some hope.  We are adjusting the meds so I hope that helps!

Since I haven’t been feeling well, I haven’t really tried too hard on my outfits.  I was home sick last Wednesday with a migraine and pretty much got one everyday last week, and I was on the path for that this week.  I’m hoping tomorrow will be a better day.

I haven’t been political lately, but I do have to say one thing.  I think the Democratic senators in Wisconsin truly are being immature children.  Just because you won’t get your way doesn’t mean you run and hide.  Our Republic operates based off those we vote into office, and in Wisconsin, it is pretty clear what the majority wants.  The Governor, Senate, and House were all voted to be mostly Republicans so the rest of the state needs to accept that.  The senators claim that it isn’t fair for the voices of the teachers union to not be heard, but it isn’t fair for the to ignore the majority of the rest of the state because they don’t like it. 

Republicans have had to sit and take it for the last two years in the federal government and they never ran and hid in another country.  Also, wouldn’t it be better to have a job and pay more versus than having no job at all, which is exactly what will happen to many teachers if they fight the proposed budget changes.  Unions aren’t my favorite thing, and I think they have outlived their usefulness. 

Okay, that is my two cents for now.

Hopefully I’ll be feeling better from now on and more excited to blog often.  Until then, take care my BF’s!

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