Conversation #68: An Update

(Photo from: battelle.org)

I just realized I never really gave an update to the crazy weekend we had.  Long story short, we had to go stay with family for Saturday night and all of Sunday because the poor husband ran out of steam.  I wasn't a ton of help with my silly foot, and he was covered in mud and muck for most of the day.  Crawling around under a house just beats you down physcially and mentally, especially when you think you have fixed it when you really haven't it.  Luckily we found an awesome plumber who fixed us up on Monday, and I have enjoyed a nice hot shower every morning since.  It really is wonderful to have water again!

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Preppy 101 said...

So, so glad you got that problem fixed!! Next time sweet husband can just call the plumber and forget about all that mud and dirt ;-) haha. xoxo