Conversation #66: Now we need a plumber and a doctor

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The pictures above are of the mess in my hallway leading to crawl space hatch and of  the actual hole in the ground in my hall closet right now.  I can’t wait to clean it all up – here’s hoping it is soon!

I just want to wash my hands.  Does that sound gross?  Sorry, but the anti-bacterial gel is just not cutting it.  I’m trying to keep perspective since there are millions and millions of people around the world without water, but our society in America doesn’t tend to except non-bathed people as much.

We went to the local H*me Depot last night to pick up the supplies the hubby needed to fix the link.  We were confident we knew what needed fixing and wanted to get it done before the cold front and rain moved in.  I guess if you are under the house with no lights, it doesn’t really matter if it is night or day.  Around 10:30 last night, we finally called it quits.  We thought we had fixed it, but when we turned the water on, it bubbled up from the ground still.  The only pipe down there is the one hubby had just fixed so back to the drawing board and another night with no water.

Oh, and I thought it would be a good idea to jack up my foot during all of this.  I mean, doesn’t an immobile wife/helper make it that much more fun?  I sort of rolled my foot (not my ankle) in the store parking lot and thought it would be sore, but now I can’t even walk on it.  No worries, it was my fault not HD’s.  I limped around last night to help not thinking it would get worse.  Just imagine a 26 year-old female in her PJ’s limping back and forth from the house to the curb in the dark trying to turn the water valve on and off – thankfully our neighbors are of the older variety and were already in bed.

Well, when nature called in the middle of the night, I tried to get up to use the toilet but not flush (because the water is still off) and pretty much fell to the ground.  My foot throbbed all night making sleep impossible and walking now too.  I had to crawl or hop on one foot to get anywhere.  Then, this morning I had to cancel my hair appointment because I can’t even walk.  All you women out there know it must be bad if I canceled one thing I always look forward to.  Hopefully I get in next weekend (keep your fingers crossed).

Now I’m laying in bed with the foot elevated and on ice waiting for my husband to say that I need to hobble back out to the curb.  If the foot doesn’t improve much today, I fear there is a minor emergency center visit in my future.  I don’t even have that good of a story to go with it.

Something struck me though this morning.  I always get sad when I think about elderly people.  I think it must be so frustrating to know what you want to do or say but be limited by your aging body.  As I used the necessary room again this morning and still not being able to flush it, I began to think if this is what happens to the elderly that live alone and have no family or friends around.  My water doesn’t work.  I can hardly move to clean anyway, and my toilet is just filling up with nastiness (this is sort of gross, but this is truly what hit me).  I just hope that everyone has someone to care for them and keep them cleaned up and healthy.

I also hope a warm shower is in my near future.  Okay, sort of weird ending to the post, but that’s just where it went.  Hope everyone is having a much more relaxing weekend than me.

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