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Conversation #71: Have you gone greek?

I don't mean in the sorority/fraternity sort of way.  Even though my alma mater was big on that, I actually sat that out.  It kind of intimidated me and I didn't really have the money to keep up with those fancy girls.  Anyway, I digress.

What I'm actually talking about is yogurt.  I know a lot of people have started trying the greek yogurt.  My mom, for one, really loves it.  I have been enjoying it for a while, but I change which kinds I like at different times.  My favorite way to eat it is plain flavored with a little honey.  Yum!

I go between brands, but when eating it one morning, I noticed on this particular carton it said: "Suggestion: Please do not stir."  I don't know why that struck me as funny, but I used to always stir it up.  Maybe that changes the texture and taste or something?  I have no idea, but I quit stirring it and I think it does taste delicious. 

Anyone else seen or heard this?  Know the reason why?  I mean I'm pretty certain nothing bad happens, but I do find it interesting.  Here is my proof:

What are your favorite kinds of greek yogurt?  How do you eat it?


Ashleigh said…
BTW I have the sequel to the book you're reading if you want to borrow!

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