Conversation #105: Challenge - Statement Jewelry

I have a confession - I skipped a challenge day this week.  Yesterday was supposed to be "take something from your mending pile, fix it and wear it."  I have said pile, but with getting ready for upcoming festivities this weekend, I just didn't get to mending anything.  Plus, I feel like whenever I sit down to sew, I owe my husband some hemmed pants first.  Anyway, all of that to get to today: statement jewelry.  Over the last couple of years, I have started collecting a lot of fun necklaces, but I had one in particular that recently made its way to my home but hadn't see the light of day yet.

Outfit breakdown
Top: Lands' End, $5
Skirt: J.Crew Outlet, $20
Sandals: J.Crew via ebay, $6
Necklace: Anthropologie, $10

I had loved this necklace in all colors for a while, but I just couldn't bring myself to even spend $30 on it (the first cut price at Anthro).  However, when I saw it hit $10 a couple of weeks ago, I jumped on it.  I love how it kind of becomes the shirt in a way.  I think it is truly the focal point and a statement so I was glad to have a great excuse to wear it.  I tried to keep the rest of the outfit simple, but I still had to have me some color in there.  I also had to be outside again to observe some more school traffic so I was trying to wear few clothes but still be work appropriate. 

My office is pretty much business casual, and I don't really know what that means for me, so I just wear what I want that is dressy.  I'm not wearing cocktail dresses or anything, but I work with either men (mostly over 40) or women (mostly over 55) so they don't really know fashion or care too much.  I work for local government, and I don't think it is generally known for being a creative workplace with fashion forward employees.  However, I decided I would rather push the envelope a little than wear my khaki trousers and blah shirt everyday (like I did for a while because I didn't care).

What is your work wardrobe like?

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Gail said...

LOVE the necklace from Anthro!!! Your whole outfit is adorable and I like that pop of pink that the skirt brings.

My work wardrobe? Hahahahhaha. Usually a pair of jean shorts or jeans and t-shirt or casual top. I'd like to have an excuse to dress up a little more or at least just do it for me. Would you mind if I joined you in this challenge? Who started it and when does it start up again? (or do people just start whenever?). It sounds like fun!!