Conversation #108: The 100 Day Stretch – Retail Detox

If you read my post yesterday, you know that I put myself on a shopping ban.  Well, I was also super behind on blog reading and just happened to read Misty’s post from last week talking about the 100 Day Stretch (see button on the side).  Yes you read that right – 100 Days.  Basically, it means that we are going 100 Days without shopping.  I kind of can’t believe I just said that, but as I said yesterday, it is much needed.  Sometimes I really think God works in the small things.  I need to do this detox, but I wasn’t sure I could do it alone.  Now I don’t have to thanks to Misty!

So how did this all start?  Well, I have always loved shopping, but online shopping was just becoming too much of a hobby.  Also, looking, or should I say hunting, for a good deal became almost a high for me I think.  Anywho, this really kicked into gear a few months ago when I lost weight and needed to replace some clothing.  Well, I got a little crazy and went a little overboard (as described yesterday while I started looking at all the new clothes I haven’t even worn in my closet).

So the last day I officially bought something was Saturday, September 17.  Therefore, day 100 is December 26th.  I’m not sure if I will let myself shop on the day after Christmas or wait one more day, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.  For now, this is the start of this journey and we’ll see what happens.

My rules for myself:

I will not buy any clothes, shoes or jewelry.  I hope this stretch will encourage me to work on some of my sewing projects I have half started.  I will not be allowed to buy new patterns or fabric, but I will let myself buy a zipper or some other notion if I NEED one (as in really don’t have one at all) to finish a project.  I even have a wedding to attend in two weeks, but I will wear a dress I already have so as of now I’m not allowing myself any purchase but one: a midi skirt.  That is also only if I find one I love, and I really only plan to look at local thrift stores.  That is all.  The only other thing I have even contemplated buying that does not fall into an above category is a new, slimmer case for my nook, but I think I’ll try to get that on ebay (and only that) if I sell more items.

Okay, those are the rules.  Are you in?  If you want to join, go here and let Misty know!  Check back here each Monday to see how I’m doing.  Next Monday: the basic wardrobe list every woman needs (as seen in Real Simple, May 2011)


Jennifer said...

Good for you! I have been trying to cut back over the past year since I was mostly shopping for stuff for our wedding. I have recently started letting myself buy things again, but sparingly. I have a budget that I have to stick to. I won't go over it. It is working well for me, and I haven't felt the guilt of buying stuff that I don't need or spending more money than I really could afford. Good luck with this!!!

Unpretentious Teacher said...

It sounds like you are off to a great start! Speaking of encouragement to work on sewing projects, that is exactly what I have been doing the last few days. I'm hemming pants that are too long and getting some projects done that I have been putting off. :)