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Conversation #111: 100 Day Stretch - week 2

Well, it is time for an update.  So far, I have done pretty well.  I will confess my purchases and then share my outfit for the day, but first a few of my random thoughts.  I know this is going to be hard for me, especially as Christmas sales start hitting my inbox, but I'm determined to have a healthy relationship with shopping once again, and this is my first baby step (not really the whole stretch, just starting it!)

I like what Misty said on the weekly link-up post today (go here to read and see other "stretchers").   She talked about the freedom in not feeling like she needs to keep up with a trend or run out and try to find something she saw online - I wanted to yell, "Amen, sista!"  That has been the biggest thing I have noticed this last week for me.  I think my head was even trying to will myself to want things, but I just couldn't find that much that I wanted.  Mostly, I think I am over the current offerings in stores so I hope I stay strong once new arrivals starting hitting the sale racks. 

I would have probably justified buying something small almost everyday before the stretch, and I got into this horrible habit of ordering anything I thought I might like and then having to return a lot if I didn't like it (I'm more of an online shopper even though I live in a huge shopping city).  However, now I am kind of having fun shopping my closet and switching up purses and belts to make things feel new again.  It would also help if the weather could actually get cooler here so I could start piling on the fall clothes!

Okay, so here is what did get purchased when I kind of strayed this last week and why: a watch - it is one I had been thinking about for a year and I found a great deal.  I also don't consider it jewelry, but I also am selling an older watch on ebay to pay for it (so at least it isn't money out of my pocket).  I also purchased a new red t-shirt for $7.  I realized that I gave away my only red t-shirt (it was too low cut, but I made do); red is one of my alma mater's colors, and we are in the middle of football season so I had to replace it.  Our next game is a "red out."  I wasn't thrilled to have to buy it, but it wasn't a frivolous buy at least.  Lastly, I did purchase a dress from Lands' End Canvas (LEC) on sale that I had eyed since last year.  However, I only did this because I had to return (see that cycle) some things I purchased before I started the stretch so I figured that money could go to the dress.   

Oops - I also forgot that I unintentionally bought a dress and t-shirt for $4 total (as in $2 a piece).  I had this dress and shirt in my shopping bag at LEC since a couple of weeks ago and they were still there marked down to $4 each.  I figured this was a fluke but I decided to proceed to checkout to see what would happen.  It let me check out (and I used a $4 credit I had) and now they are on their way to my house.  I really thought the store would email and say the order was cancelled, but I guess for $4 it can slide.  Who knows, they may not even fit.

Okay, that is my confessional for the week.  I'm feeling stronger though and realizing even further that I don't need anymore.  I am also still sticking to my rule of "one in, one out" with these few items coming in the mail.  If possible, I will try to resell so no extra money is being spent.  However, this next week and then the next however many are left until this is over will be void of even this shopping because I have used the money from the returns and no more fudging.  Like I said, baby steps.

After all of that talk, here is my outfit:
Outfit breakdown:
Tee: Lands' End, via Sear's, $3
Dress: Martin + Osa, via ebay, $17
Necklace: random store back home, $4
Shoes: Lands' End Canvas, $13
Belt: American Eagle Outfitters, $10

Sometimes I forget that you can layer under and not just over.  I decided under would help make this dress a little more work appropriate, but looking at this picture makes me think I was a little too casual for a Tuesday.  Oh well!  My work doesn't really care.  This is also the first time I have knotted a belt like this.  I like my belts to be long so I can wear them on my low-waist with jeans or higher-up to define a waist (my belt-hole puncher was seriously the best buy), but then a large portion of the belt hangs down when worn up high.  I tried the loopy knot thing, and I don't hate it.  Sometimes I think that things look weird on me, but then I realize it is just because it is different.  If I'm confident, then no one else will think it is weird!

One final question: do any of my fellow naturally curly haired girls out there have any favorite products?  I go through periods of loving something, and then I feel like it stops working and I get the lovely mess on my head that is my hair today (pardon it in the above picture).  I just feel like it looks so frizzy and gross, but I don't always know what to do with it (without spending a ridiculous amount of time on it).  I'm kind of looking forward to the dry winter months because I tend to get a long string of good hair days!


It sounds like you are really being conscious about your spending and sticking to your goals! Way to go! I am totally there with you on the Christmas sales. It's going to be very hard to pass up the deals. But hopefully shopping for my family will help keep me sane. :)

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