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Conversation #107: Hello again

Hello lovely readers,

I didn't intend to take a blog break.  I was out of town for Labor Day weekend, and then work got crazy busy.  Anyway, things should be back to normal now and hopefully the fall won't prove to be as busy as spring.  However, I did join a book club, we have football games, and the husband and I are doing this marriage class group thing.  They are all good things though, and I feel like I'm getting more and more involved at church and with friends, and that is what matters in life, right?

So yesterday (after I had a mini life meltdown), I started cleaning and organizing again.  You see, I deep cleaned my house about two weeks ago, but then I was either dealing with that time of the month or too busy to clean the last couple of weeks so it kind of overwhelmed me yesterday.  Mostly what overwhelmed me were these piles of unread magazines from the last two years and a stack of recipes I tore out from them.  I finally decided that I would only keep the recipes I truly thought I would make and like, and then threw all of the rest of it into the recycle bin.  I kept thinking that I would want to look at fashion ideas or home decor ideas, but they are over a year old and there will always be other ways to get that info.  So I decided it all had to go and it made me feel so much better!

When I went back to cleaning I started putting away folded clothes from the laundry.  It just hit me again how many clothes I have and that I still have a problem buying more, especially if they are a good deal.  I have refrained a couple of times lately, but I think I have bought more than I refrained.  I started selling some of my nicer older clothes on ebay, and all that did was get me back into my ebay buying.  I have gotten a couple of things, but I am definitely on a full on shopping ban again.  It is definitely needed.  I have so many clothes that I love right now that I do not need anymore.  There isn't anything else I want to get rid of right now, so shopping is over.  I think I just keep shopping for fall hoping that it will make it come sooner, but now I have plenty of new fall to winter items so I'm done.

Now I do have to admit that last week before realizing I needed to stop shopping again, I went to Target to look at the new Missoni items.  Most of all of the clothes were gone, but I did look at some shoes.  However, I ultimately put them back because they had awesome markdowns on a ton of clothes.  I got four dresses for $10-$12 each.  They are all nice and lined, and the best part is that two of them are a size 6.  I never thought I would wear that size again.  I need to get back to updating my blog on my healthy quest too because  a lot has happened there as well.

Okay, that is the update for now.  Look for more posts about a lot of random topics coming to you soon!

Here is my outfit today featuring a new Target dress:
Outfit Breakdown:
Dress: Target, $10
Cardigan: J.Crew, $20
Sandals: Lands' End Canvas, $13
Necklace: local store, $4


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